Star Wars characters as USB memory sticks

april 9th, 20108:52 f m @

We obviously can’t get enough of Star Wars (or can we?). The famous characters from the movies shows up in a variety of contexts and configurations. But today’s findings are among the sweetest I’ve seen.

I’ve stumbled across Mimico’s Star Wars Mimobo USB sticks. Among the different characters they have made as USB sticks, we find R2-D2, Jawa, Stormtroopers, Obi-Wan Kenobi and others. These awesome USB sticks are available with memory capacity from 2GB to 16GB and the price is from $ 29.95 up to $ 89.95 depending on capacity. You can buy them here.

My personal favorite is clearly the R2-D2. It would look so cool plugged in my MacBook. The manufacturer has also made a very pleasant little commercials that I can’t deprive you.


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